73 minutes / 2009

Synopsis: Upon the end of the world war II, people that survived the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki immigrated to USA. Co-existing with the physical trauma of radiation and psychological scar of the destruction, the survivors have lived quietly in a country that was once considered their “state’s enemy.” 64 years later, 2 former high school friends began their journey to seek “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki” deeply ingrained in the collective psyche of modern Japan.

How does this memory stay alive for the coming generation and how are they truly understood? As the two drove down the American west coast visiting 18 survivors as well as a holocaust survivor, they would hear the most intimate moments of their lives and come to realize the cruel nature of psychological trauma. With the vast landscape of American west in their background, the two explores the scars left by the atomic bombs and reflect on their Japanese identities.

The first feature film by Shinpei Takeda, a director based in Mexico who has followed the atomic bomb survivors in both north and south Americas for the last 5 years.

Director: Shinpei Takeda
Producer: Shinpei Takeda / Eiji Wakamatsu


Press coverage

Japan Times“New Generation’s search for the Ground Zero”

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